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Everything You Need to Know About the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Everything You Need to Know About the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Behind the Mic of 'My First Million' Podcast

by Vatsal Sanghavi

by Vatsal Sanghavi

Cofunder of Audionotes

Cofunder of Audionotes


JRE (Joe Rogan Experience)  maintains its position as the leading podcast globally on Spotify, being the most-listened-to show. Since 2020, users have consistently chosen it as Spotify's Wrapped top podcast. While it's known that Joe Rogan has influenced podcasting, it's intriguing to know how podcasting has influenced him. 

If you're curious about the origins of the podcast, listenership data, top episodes, purpose & process, and how Joe Rogan propelled it to such heights, read on in this blog.

Host- Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan, a renowned American comedian, podcaster, and former TV host, debuted his first comedy show, "I'm Gonna Be Dead Someday," in 2000. Throughout his career spanning over 20 years in stand-up comedy, Rogan has released numerous comedy specials, including "Joe Rogan: Strange Times" (2018) on Netflix, "Triggered" (2016),

0.032658/ and "Rocky Mountain High" (2014) on Netflix and Comedy Central respectively, He's also known for his CDs "Talking Monkeys in Space" (2009), "Shiny Happy Jihad" (2007), and "I’m Gonna Be Dead Someday" (2000).

Later, Joe Rogan hosts "The Joe Rogan Experience," a popular podcast launched in 2009. With its engaging mix of entertainment and information, each episode features Joe chatting with diverse guests, discussing topics ranging from current events to personal stories. Since he is a comedian the podcast holds some funny yet meaningful insights. 

How JRE Started 

Joe Rogan Debuted officially in 2009 and there is no stopping after that. 

Joe Rogan started his podcast in 2003 with Brian Redban, his first producer. Rogan needed someone to edit videos for his website, and he noticed Redban's habit of recording everything, which made him a good fit for the job.

As more people wanted content from Rogan's website, they began live streaming footage from his comedy shows on Justin.tv. Eventually, Rogan suggested they host a live stream from their homes, which became the format of the 'JRE' podcast we know today.

Rogan got the idea for this format after visiting other talk shows like Opie and Anthony and Anthony Cumia's 'Live from the Compound'. He started his podcast on Ustream, with the first episode airing on December 24, 2009. At first, he planned to do the podcast once a week.

JRE Spotify Deal

The 'JRE' podcast became very popular, catching the attention of the big online music streaming company, Spotify. In May 2020, Spotify bought the rights to air Rogan's podcast for a whopping $200 million. This move turned out to be a success for Spotify. According to The New York Times, 'JRE' became Spotify's most popular podcast, reaching a huge audience in 92 other countries besides the US. Spotify's CEO, Daniel Ek, thinks shows like 'JRE' are super important. He told his team that having this kind of content helps Spotify stay competitive with big companies like Apple and Google.

Additionally, Joe has curated an exclusive Green Room playlist for fans to improve their listening experience.

Guest, Process & Pricing 

Many wonder if Joe Rogan pays his podcast guests. According to various sources, guests on 'JRE' don't receive payment for appearing on his podcast. However, Rogan sometimes covers their travel and lodging expenses. Joe Bowers, who has worked with some former UFC guests, confirmed on Quora that guests don't get paid to be on the show. Other sources confirm the same. 

The popularity of 'The Joe Rogan Experience' is evident from its high viewer count, which remains strong even during times of criticism from notable figures. Securing the top spot on Spotify's 'Top Podcasts' list is no easy feat, highlighting the podcast's widespread appeal and influence.

JRE Listenership Data 

Joe Rogan's podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, is incredibly popular worldwide. According to Forbes, it's the world's most popular podcast, making over $215 million in revenue by April 2021. In May 2020, it signed an exclusive deal with Spotify for over $100 million.

By August 2021, the podcast had 190 million monthly downloads and 1.5 billion total downloads. It also has 7 million YouTube subscribers. In the US, it was the second-most downloaded podcast in 2019, and globally ranked first on Apple Podcast Charts in December 2020.

The show has a high rating of 4.3/5 on Podchaser, with over 3,500 ratings. Its most-watched episode, featuring Elon Musk, got 42 million views. Half of its audience is from outside the USA, and it has a perfect social engagement score of 100.

Best of JRE 

The podcast has now reached over 2200+ episodes, developing curiosity among fans about the most exciting ones. If you're one of those fans, we've got an awesome list for you!

  • JRE Episode #1169 – Elon Musk

  • JRE Episode #1330 – Bernie Sanders

  • JRE Episode #974 – Megan Phelps-Roper

  • JRE Episode #1675 – Quentin Tarantino

  • JRE Episode # 1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

Episode 1169 has about 68 million views on YouTube and is the most-watched JRE podcast ever.

If you want a quick summary of this episode, Podnotes is a great tool to help you get summaries of podcasts quickly.

Grow your Audience by repurposing Podcasts & Videos

Grow your Audience by repurposing Podcasts & Videos

Grow your Audience by repurposing Podcasts & Videos

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