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How to write effective Podcast Show Notes?

How to write effective Podcast Show Notes?

Behind the Mic of 'My First Million' Podcast

by Vatsal Sanghavi

by Vatsal Sanghavi

Cofunder of Audionotes

Cofunder of Audionotes

What are Show Notes?

Show notes are essentially a written summary or a set of key points that accompany each episode of a podcast. They serve multiple purposes:

  1. Description: They provide a brief overview of what the episode is about.

  2. Highlights: They often include timestamps or summaries of key topics discussed in the episode.

  3. References and Links: If the episode mentions specific articles, websites, books, or includes guest speakers, links to these resources or guest bios are included.

  4. Additional Resources: Sometimes, they offer extra material not fully covered in the episode.

  5. Contact and Follow-up Information: Information on how to contact the host or engage with the podcast community.

Format of Show Notes

There isn't a one-size-fits-all format for show notes, as they can vary depending on the style of the podcast. However, a typical format might include:

  1. Title of the Episode: Often a catchy, concise summary of the episode.

  2. Brief Description: An overview of what the episode covers.

  3. Timestamps/Outline: Key points in the episode, sometimes with timestamps.

  4. Guest Information: If there are guests, a brief bio and links to their work or social media profiles.

  5. Links and References: URLs for any resources mentioned.

  6. Calls to Action: Prompts for the listener to subscribe, leave a review, follow on social media, etc.

  7. Contact Information: How to reach the host or the show.

Importance of Show Notes

  1. Enhancing Listener Experience: They provide listeners with a quick understanding of what to expect in each episode and allow them to jump to sections that interest them.

  2. SEO Benefits: Show notes can help in search engine optimization, making the podcast more discoverable.

  3. Accessibility: They make the content more accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, or for those who prefer reading over listening.

  4. Resource Sharing: They're a convenient way to share links and resources mentioned in the episode.

  5. Promotion and Engagement: Show notes can include calls to action, encouraging listeners to engage with the podcast through various channels.

Podcast Show Notes Template

Here is an effective podcast show notes template:

  1. Episode Title
    Subtitle: Season, Podcast Name by Podcast Host

  2. Episode Description

  3. Key Chapters of the Episode / Timestamps of Key Themes of the Episode

  4. Guest Information

  5. Links to the Episode on various Platforms

  6. Reference Links (Social Media links of the host, guest etc)

  7. Call to Action

How to Generate Effective Show Notes Using AI

Generating/Writing Show Notes can be a time-consuming process. It involves -
1. Generating a Transcript of the Podcast
2. Writing a Description of the Podcast
3. Creating an outline/chapters of the podcasts
4. Adding Links & References, Call to Action (CTA) and Contact Information

All this can be a highly manual as well as an ineffective time-consuming process. Here is where an AI tool such as Podnotes can come in very handy. Podnotes transcribes, summarizes, and creates content as well as show notes for your podcasts using AI. As a new user, you can get 50 mins of transcription along with unlimited content generation for free.

Use Podnotes to Generate Show Notes for your Podcasts for Free

Grow your Audience by repurposing Podcasts & Videos

Grow your Audience by repurposing Podcasts & Videos

Grow your Audience by repurposing Podcasts & Videos

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