Inside Huberman Lab: Podcast, Host, Top Episodes and Subscribers

Feb 12, 2024


The Neuroscience professor Andrew Huberman hosts the #1 health podcast in the world. If you are a health freak, Huberman Lab must be your top choice, be it mental or physical health. In the lab, Huberman breaks down tricky stuff about how our brains work so everyone can get it, not just science folks. 

His podcast is all about keeping your body in top gear, a hot topic in the tech scene. What sets him apart is his gentle and caring style of explaining things, not like the pushy approach you often see. Andrew Huberman's show has a sleek, masculine look with minimalistic aesthetics. However, he stands out for being less "bro-like" compared to other influencers.

If you're a devoted listener of Huberman Lab, you'd be interested in learning everything about the podcast. From the host to its history, top episodes, listener data, and awards won by Huberman Lab. This blog has everything you need to know. 

Huberman Lab: All About the Podcast

Ranking as the #1 health podcast in the world, The Huberman Lab podcast was started in January 2021. As of February 2024, Huberman has built an empire of 5.4 million subscribers. It's ranked in the Top 15 of all podcasts worldwide and stays at the top pick in Science, Education, and Health & Fitness categories.

“It's a compulsion for me to learn and to teach”, Huberman pointed out in an interview. 

Despite living in a generation with short attention spans, declining trust in scientists, and widespread misinformation, running a successful long-form science podcast isn't obvious. Yet, Huberman has built a huge and devoted audience.  His main aim has always been teaching and improving lives. This curiosity inspired him to start his podcast, where he can share knowledge on a bigger scale than in a Stanford classroom. And has no plans of stopping anytime soon. 

The podcast discusses neuroscience, which is the study of the brain and nervous system, and science-based tools. It explores how our brain and nervous system control our perceptions, behaviours, and health. It also talks about existing tools and emerging ones for measuring and changing how our nervous system functions.

Each subject has its section labelled in the lab. People can easily find what they want to know by going directly to that section. 

Know the Man Himself: Andrew Huberman 

Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., is a neuroscientist and professor at Stanford School of Medicine. He studies how the brain develops, works, and changes. Huberman has won awards for his research on vision, including the prestigious Cogan Award in 2017 for significant discoveries in vision science. His lab is exploring how vision and breathing impact our emotions and focus while creating tools to reduce stress and improve sleep.

Huberman's work is published in top journals and featured in media like TIME and BBC. In 2021, he started the Huberman Lab podcast, which is very popular worldwide, especially in Science, Education, and Health & Fitness categories.

Besides the podcast, Huberman co-founded Scicomm Media and advises some businesses.

Top Episodes of Huberman Lab 

Episodes have a wide reach of almost 10+ million views. All the episodes are masterpieces themselves. For quick episode summaries, try Podnotes, a fantastic transcribing tool designed to help you breeze through episodes effortlessly. 

However, here culled out the top 5 episodes of Huberman Lab, that you should go through-  

  1. Tools for Managing Stress & Anxiety

  2. Matthew Walker: The Science & Practice of Perfecting Your Sleep

  3. Understanding & Conquering Depression

  4. Controlling Your Dopamine For Motivation, Focus & Satisfaction

  5. Andy Galpin: How to Build Strength, Muscle Size & Endurance

Listenership Data 

The Huberman Lab has built a significant audience of over 5.4 million people. According to research, the audience comprises approximately 51.39% male and 48.61% female viewers. On average, Huberman's videos receive about 1.1 million views, and the engagement rate is 2.68%. This data indeed highlights the substantial fanbase and audience that Huberman has cultivated.

Wrapping Up

The Huberman Lab podcast deserves a huge appreciation for making neuroscience and health topics accessible to everyone. Hosted by Andrew Huberman, it explains brain and body stuff in easy ways that even non-scientific background persons can understand. Each episode carries great insights on specific subjects, so you should give it a try. To get quick summaries of each episode, you can rely on Podnotes, your ally to make it easy for you!